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Alice Wanjikũ Mangat, the author of “Swahili for Foreigners”, published by East African Educational Publishers in Kenya, has yet finalized her new book “Swahili for Foreigners Book 2”. Unfortunately the many demands including legal attempts to obtain her dues from the publishers of her first book have been unsuccessful. Her copyrights was breached as her book has been sold internationally for re-printing i.e. Michigan University, ABC London and many others without her due consent. She spent a lot of money on legal processes until she gave up.

She has therefore come forward in a hope that those who found her work useful, to consider buying this new book, which offers far more learning tools i.e. improved grammar charts, full basic grammar structure, dialogues with audio CD, Cultural characteristics to know a bit of African culture connected to the language and many examples to help understand Swahili structure in a short time. From the 12 units, each one deals with individual situation. Alice Wanjikũ Mangat did a lot of research on teaching foreigners to learn and speak Swahili in a short time and in standard way. Her 30 years experience and her love to teach this language can be felt in her new book.

Buying this new book in a legal way, would also help the writer to recover some of her expenses imposed on her in writing these books and the publication of the new one which she has financed all alone.

Her only hope now to sell her new book without piracy is to register her books in an International copy right protection organization and to stop the circulation of her first book. It is also her prayer that all her customers of her first book “Swahili for Foreigners” will order her new book, “Swahili for Foreigners Book 2”, hopefully only through her or the printing company “Druckhaus Bergmann” (

Thank you all for your understanding and help. Your help will gives her more encouragement to continue working on this most beautiful language of Africa, and to put her further experiences in books so that others may benefit in the future. She is and always hopes to continue to help improve Swahili teaching methods, through the Grace of God.