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Kiswahili for Foreigners Book 2

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x. Proverb

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1.  Adui akianguka mnyanyue!

  • If an enemy falls down, (help)/ lift him up.

This is to teach us to be of help at anytime and to anybody in need, be it that this person is an enemy, friend or a stranger.

2. Akaliaye kigonda mtii!

  • If one sits on a leader’s sit, obey him/her.

This is to teach people to respect and obey their seniors

3. Afya ni bora kuliko mali.

  • Health is valuable than wealth!

This teaches that even though we need to work hard in order to get more wealth, one should not neglect ones health. So we should value our health more.

4. Ashibaye hamjui mwenye njaa.

  • He who has eaten, does not know the feeling of the hungry one.

This is told to a person who never knows other people’s problems because he/she does not have any problem of his/her own.

5. Asiyekuwa na wake ana Mungu.
  • He/she who feels deserted by everybody, God has not deserted him/her.

This is an encouragement to those who feel deserted by their loved ones and lonely. God would never desert His children!