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  • Kiswahili for Foreigners Book 2 (incl. Audible CD)

Kiswahili for Foreigners Book 2

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  • Translation Dolmetscher

Swahili classes for

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Business clients


  • Alphabet Charts
  • Notes to help students
  • Online vocabularies
  • Cultural information
  • Religious wisdom
  • Recipes African dishes

Swahili language teaching for beginners up to advance level.

Very competent text books for Swahili in English, and German.

Illustrations and pictures - African orientated

Training or advising teachers intending to teach this language or any other group of Bantu languages

Helping in preparing material for teaching these languages i.e. grammar charts and other visual charts for classroom

- Translations -English -German/Swahili or vice versa

- East African (Bantu) culture information

- Music from E. Africa. with words and translation

- East African cooking recipes, also a few from different countries

- Christian basic teaching in Swahili

- Alphabet charts for children (with pictures)

- Children's alphabet book -Swahili/German -Swahili/English

- Noun class charts (with and without pictures)

- Proverbs from all parts of Africa in Swahili translated in English and German

- Tradition guideline and information for new comers of East Africa

online services;

A Kiswahili Short Grammar CourseAfrican Dishes RecipesAfrican Proverbs

Hadithi / African Stories Podcast

coming soon

African Illustrations