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Kiswahili for Foreigners Book 2

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Swahili for Foreigners Book 2Swahili for Foreigners Book 2

Swahili for Foreigners Book 2, offers far more learning tools i.e. improved grammar charts, full basic grammar structure, dialogues with audio CD, cultural characteristics to know a bit of African culture connected to the language and many examples to help understand Swahili structure in a short time. Her 30 years experience and her love to teach this language can be felt in this new book. At a descriptive level, this book covers phonology, morphology and syntax. This book also covers the Swahili grammar in detail: affixes, derivation, inflection, parts of speech, relatives, tenses, demonstratives of reference, pronominalisation, phrases, clauses and sentences.

(Definition: Swahili; Kiswahili; Suaheli; Kisuaheli)

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Swahili for ForeignersSwahili for Foreigners

Alice W. Mangat’s first book “Swahili for Foreigners”. Unfortunately the many demands including legal attempts to obtain her dues from the publishers of her first book have been unsuccessful. Her copyrights was breached as her book has been sold internationally for re-printing i.e. Michigan University, ABC London and many others without her due consent. She spent a lot of money on legal processes until she gave up.

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